Kids’ Round Table: Jimmy & ABC apologize

Jimmy Kimmel’s October 16th sketch from the segment “Kids’ Table” stirred up a considerable uproar after one of the 6-year-old correspondents, surrounded by juice boxes and gummy bears, suggested in an unscripted comment that America should “kill everyone in China” in order to evade repaying debt after the government shutdown. The clip went viral in China and the U.S., garnering a swarm of comments on YouTube declaring the skit disturbing and offensive.

Since the video aired, Kimmel’s show has been accused of promoting racism. One viewer created a White House petition demanding that ABC cut the show and issue a formal apology. The petitioner cited the video as a human rights issue, and the petition has gained at least 100,000 signatures as of November 12th.

Kimmel himself has apologized both on air and at a public protest, conceding that the comment should not have been aired.

Our Sources:

IBTimes, Entertainment.time, The White House Petition

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Votographic on Kids' Table Controversy

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